What all are the integration points for plugging custom DB with flowable?

Currently Flowable has support for few databases. But we want to use a custom datasource with our SpringBoot 2 flowable 6.4.0 project.

We have done following custom changes
0)Adding the custom datasource maven dependency.
1)JDBC datasource properties in application.properties.
2)Prepared custom SQL’s referencing https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/tree/flowable-6.4.0/distro/sql
3) Setting datbaseType to custom type.

Yet this does not suffice. Where else custom implementation will be required?

Have you looked at the examples of integrations with MongoDB and CockroachDB?



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The example with CockroachDB worked with simple configurations as it was over Postgres and Postgres is supported by flowable by default.

MongoDB example is a full fledged example for integrating a NoSql database.

In my case , I want to plug in a DB which already has a SQL JDBC interface available. Will I still require all integration points as in MongoDB?

No, in that case the default engine should suffice and configuring the datasource is all what’s needed. Which database are you using? Is it compatible with any of the supported JDCB databases of Flowable?

I am trying to use Apache Hbase over Apache Phoenix.