What act_ru_history_job is used for?

Hello Flowable experts,

We are trying to find a way how to retrieve what kind of jobs are processed by our AsyncExecutor. We were thinking that there would be a table which would store some hisotry jobs(like the other tables for Hisotry Audit purposes, e.g. act_hi_procinst, act_hi_varinst, etc.). We have found that table act_ru_history_job and we thought that this table would give us the answer of our hopes - unfortunatelly no - it does not contain any information when there is not process running.
Moreover, looking at the code, we have seen that this “hisotry” job is managed like the other async jobs.

My question to you is, what is this type of job used for?
One more question, could you tell me how can we achieved what we were struggeling with(find the executed jobs from our process)?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Hi Encho

is used for async history jobs.https://flowable.com/open-source/docs/bpmn/ch11-History/#async-history-configuration

If you want to track such a details as job executor execution use https://flowable.com/open-source/docs/bpmn/ch03-Configuration/#event-handlers
(can affect performance)