Variables for multipart/form-data for flowable-ui and flowable-rest


I am currently using flowable-ui and flowable-rest api to create BPMN.xml file from flowable-ui and deploy through a postman to flowable-rest.

I’d like to use it for text file uploading usecase.
The function would be called by http task.

Would you please let me know which parameters of the http task I can use for file on XML and how I can send process-instances post request for multipart/form-data through postman.

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I’m not sure I’m following what you need: do you want to call the Flowable REST api from an http task? Or something else?

Sorry for the unclear question.

I’d like to use flowable-rest for file upload. So the request body will be a form-data, not the json.

And the post request for ‘/flowable-rest/service/runtime/process-instances’ is like the screenshot below.

If I want to send form-data (file) to create process-instances on the flowable-rest, how can I do?

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Hey @annnna,

Currently the /flowable-rest/service/runtime/process-instances REST API does not support sending file uploads like that.

What you would need to do is use the startFormVariables. You’ll need to have a start form for your process and in it you’ll need to have a defined upload form field for the file variable and pass in there a comma separated list of content items. You’ll need to upload the content item using the /flowable-rest/content-api/content-service/content-items REST API.