Uploading file from start form via rest API

Hi all,

I’m starting a process via REST API (flowable-task/process-api/runtime/process-instances). I pass it the needed information, something very generic like this:

params = {
    'processDefinitionId': definition_id,
    'name': name,
    "variables": [
            "name": start_form_variable,
            "value": start_form_variable_value

This works well when my start forms are taking in some basic information like string, int, etc.

Suppose my start form now has a File Upload. If I have access to my file, it seems like I cannot just send it as a variable to the process.

Is there an endpoint I can call via REST API that can either store my file in Flowable somewhere? The rest of my process needs to interact with this file. For example, I will have an HTTP task that will be attaching this file to it.

I don’t suppose it’s as simple as using an expression and just reference it like I would normally if I’m using a String Variable? Ex: $myParam

I scanned the docs and it didn’t look like there was actually anything to support storing files via REST API. If this is not possible, can someone confirm?