Using custom authorization with REST module

Dear Experts,

I am using flowable as a service with our other software and would like to use keycloak or any other authentication/authorization for user management.
I am using all modules of flowable as spring boot application and would like all the apps to use my authentication/authorization rather than flowable user/roles or LDAP.

Is there a way to do this?
If yes, is there any sample code I can refer to?


As you know the UI applications are Spring Boot applications which means that they are using Spring Security for the security. Have you had a look at the Keycloak Spring Boot Adapter which uses the Keycloak Spring Security Adapter.

Ref: External authentication with Keycloak

Hi All,

I have a very typical problem. I am using modeler, IDM and REST WARs running as a spring boot application for a project and I have pointed to REST for modeler than using TASK. Now I have a login management module which provides REST APIs for user Authentication and Authorization.

I am not sure how and where to change to enable Modeler and REST to do all authorization using my Authorization module.
Any sample code or pointers will be very helpful.

PS : I am new to Spring and Spring Boot.

Thanks in advance!