Username issues in Flowable IDM

I manually created a new user “apac/bbw1rd” in Flowable IDM UI. Though the username contains a special character / in it, the user was saved without any errors. Now I am unable to delete this user. Delete option in IDM UI is not working for this user alone. Same issue exists if username contains \ .
As per documentation, identity/users/{userId} DELETE http method is used to delete a user. Here since user name contains character /, the request URL is deformed and the endpoint becomes invalid(Getting HTTP 404). Is there any workaround to delete this particular user ?


Could you try deleting it in this format: apac%2Fbbw1rd. %2F is URL encoded / character.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I tried with different combinations including your suggestion(apac/bbw1rd, apac//bbw1rd, apac%2Fbbw1rd). But none of them worked.
The same issue exists when username contains a backward slash .