Use external rest api for authentication

is there a way to authenticate users from external rest api? my api returns JWT tokens for authenticated users.

Hi @ayrshid99,
you can use the spring boot starter to create your own Flowable (REST) application with a custom security configuration.


can you please share some resources with me where I can read about it further or some GitHub project.

The flowable REST app for example is using the starter and some (security) configuration:

hello guys,

I’d like to create a frontend that utilizes the REST API of a device we use internally. This device requires authentication by a user, and I’m not really sure how to acquire the credentials from the user (ADS), and possibly store these credentials in a cookie or other location so that the user only needs to login every so often.

I’ve mostly done frontend work in web development so am a little lost as to what to do. Most searches I’ve done lead me to methods of setting up my own server for REST API with authentication, which means I probably don’t know enough to even phrase the question properly.

Any advice or guides to set this up would be very helpful! The API guides for the device only show examples of Python/Curl which is fairly easy to work out, I’m just not sure how to start implementing this from a web page.

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Create a Login/logout API like: /api/v1/login and api/v1/logout. In these Login and Logout APIs, perform the authentication with your user store. The outcome is a token (usually, JSESSIONID ) that is sent back to the client (web, mobile, whatever)