Unknown method used in expression

Hi there,

our Workflow ist struggling with an expression an a serviceTask.

The expression says ${error_list.put(cause_application_name, messages_array)}

error_list is a JSON (set via initializa variables task)
cause_application_name is a fixed string e.g. invoice_tracker
messages_array is a variable, that looks up the JSON message send via Kafka ${reply_body_invoice_tracker.errors}

We are using this service task with the very same expression more than once. But only one service task reports the error-log: “Unknown method used in expression ${error_list.put(cause_application_name, messages_array)}”

Why is it, that this expression works just fine for other parts in the workflow?

Or what exactly dose “Unknown method used” mean?

Thanks for your help.

Hey @kaschnic,
your question seems to be flowable enterprise related. Please use the enterprise forum to ask your question.



Hi @WelschChristopher ,

allright, thanks and sorry, I think i mixed something up.

Kind rigards