Unknown property used in expression when using Java Delegate with Delegate Expression in BPMN

Is anyone also having problem when using java delegate task in service task with delegate expression?
It is ok when placing into class with “org.flowable.DelegateExpressionBean”

Error Message

Forwarding to error page from request [/app/rest/process-instances] due to exception [Unknown property used in expression: ${delegateExpressionBean}]

Java Class

package org.flowable;

public class DelegateExpressionBean implements JavaDelegate {
    ExternalService externalService;
    public void execute(DelegateExecution delegateExecution) {


<serviceTask id=“DelegateExpressionBean” name=“Delegate Expression Bean” flowable:delegateExpression="${delegateExpressionBean}">

Hey @awk123123,

This seems a lot like the post you shared in Executing Service Task from UI. Have a look at my reply there.