Unable to start workflow with startProcessInstanceByMessage method

I have the following definition in my mode (reduced for brevity):

<message id="newTrackingInfo" name="newTrackingInfoMessage"/>
<startEvent id="decision_start" name="Dispatcher start" isInterrupting="true">
            <messageEventDefinition messageRef="newTrackingInfo"/>

and I start the workflow in code thus:

ProcessInstance&#32;process&#32;=&#32; runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByMessage("newTrackingInfoMessage",&#32;trackingMessage);

I end up getting the following error message:
org.flowable.common.engine.api.FlowableException: No message start event found for process definition decision_dispatcher:1:49bc2579-bfd0-11e8-85e9-38c9863fd04d and message name newTrackingInfoMessage
On debugging the error, I traced the issue to this line, which fails to initialise the initialFlowElement variable because the message ref and the messageName are not equal.
According to your documentation (and example): flowable message event definition the message ref and message name are not implied to be mandatorily equal, so I must be doing something wrong.
Any help would be grateful. Thanks

I located the error to a mistake in the actual keys of the message.
(Though I am puzzled in why it manifested in this way)

The reason why it manifested is due to first doing this when parsing from XML to the BpmnModel which happens when parsing the XML and then after that this that is invoked by the parsers and maps the messageRef to the message name in the BpmnModel. Your error should have been caught by the BPMN validation, which happens between the two steps.

Have you disabled process validation perhaps?

Not at all. I didn’t disable anything. My configuration, knowledge and use is quite basic thus far so I haven’t ventured to deeply yet.

OK good to know, we are going to look into why the validation didn’t catch this

Validation will not catch the error. Essentially it was an accidental replacement of a variable constant used throughout so the property key in question was accidentally changed to Constants.something as opposed to a normal string (in code). I was just wandering why that manifested in the error as the mistake was caught by accident when reviewing my git merge.

Validation will not catch the error

OK Thanks for clarifying it