Can't start a process instance with message

I’m am unable to start a process instance using a message with the REST api (version 6.3.1).

Here’s the relevant portion of the BPMN.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<definitions xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:activiti="" xmlns:bpmndi="" xmlns:omgdc="" xmlns:omgdi="" typeLanguage="" expressionLanguage="" targetNamespace="">

  <message id="sleep-message" name="SleepMessage"></message>

  <process id="sleep" name="Sleep" isExecutable="true">
    <startEvent id="messagestartevent1" name="Message start">
      <messageEventDefinition messageRef="sleep-message"></messageEventDefinition>

I issue the REST call


passing it this JSON. (Note: I include the initiator=gerard value for flowable, but don’t know if I really need it.)

{"message":"SleepMessage","variables":[{"name":"deepSleep","value":20.0}, ... ,{"name":"initiator","value":"gerard"}]}

But I always get back this error

{"message":"Internal server error","exception":"No message start event found for process definition sleep:4:5028 and message name SleepMessage"}

Here’s the contents of Postgres table act_ru_event_subscr which shows “SleepMessage” is a valid event subscription.


Also, I have an alternative version written with the Java API and that works fine. But I can’t reproduce a send with the REST API.

Any ideas?


Thanks for your detailed and clear post. We’ve done a fix for triggering a message recently:

There was a bug that after restarting the server, the message event wasn’t processed correctly. After a deployment it was working fine, until the process definition could not be found in the cache anymore, then the issue was there.

Best regards,