Unable to start Flowable 6.3.0 with Postgresql 9.6


I have downloaded flowable-6.3.0.zip, run the db script flowable.postgres.all.create.sql in postgresql 9.6,
modified application.properties for flowable-admin.war, flowable-idm.war, flowable-modeler.war, flowable-rest.war and flowable-task.war as floowing,




Deployed war into tomcat 8.5.30. Only flowable-admin and flowable-modler able to start,
flowable-idm.war, flowable-task.war and flowable-rest.war failed to start due to following error.

2018-05-09 12:19:03,041 [localhost-startStop-1] ERROR org.flowable.engine.common.impl.db.AbstractSqlScriptBasedDbSchemaManager - Could not get property from table ACT_ID_PROPERTY
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: permission denied for relation act_id_property
at org.postgresql.core.v3.QueryExecutorImpl.receiveErrorResponse(QueryExecutorImpl.java:2433)

I have checked flowable database, the table is exists.

Any idea why still not able to read ACT_ID_PROPERTY table even though it is exist?

Have you checked that the user has permissions to see the table?
I’ve also encountered that (depending on your configuration) the engine is looking in the public schema instead of the one you designated.
At one point we had set up a user for flowable that has our flowable schema as it’s default instead of the public schema.
Hope this helps.

@Tony-C if you are manually installing the SQL you would need to disable the automatic update from Flowable. You can do that by setting flowable.database-schema-update=ignore

@maudrid, Thank you so much. Indeed it is the user permission issue. I have fixed and it is working now. It is very helpful!

@filiphr, Thanks for your tips to disable automatic schema update.