Flowable spring boot postgresql not starting

I added flowable dependency to my spring boot project.


org.flowabl to Flowable-spring-boot-starter 6.4.2

I don’t encounter any problems when I use h2 or mssql as database. but when I use postgress I get errors when creating tables.

spring.jpa.properties.hibernate.dialect = org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect
spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto = update
spring.jpa.show-sql = true


2019-10-22 16:59:09.986 ERROR 9864 — [ restartedMain] o.f.i.s.i.d.IdentityLinkDbSchemaManager : problem during schema create, statement create index ACT_IDX_IDENT_LNK_USER on ACT_RU_IDENTITYLINK(USER_ID_)

created tables:

I’m starting to use flowable new. how can I solve this problem?
thanks for helping.

:joy: delete data and restart

@emrekokcu, can you please share more of the error message? There should be a stacktrace there showing the exception that caused this

thanks for helping.

I solved it with the following command that I added to the set of settings.
flowable.database-schema-update=ignore :slight_smile:

@emrekokcu that is not really a solution. That would mean that you need to take care of the creation of the tables yourself. How are you doing that now?


I create tables for postgre manually.
to the properties file
“Flowable.databas A-scheme-update = ignore”
I’am adding.

I was getting an error when creating a flowable automatic way for a postgre database.
but I wasn’t getting a problem for h2 or mssql.