Unable to Install Flowable Designer in STS 4.11.0

Hello There,

I am using Spring Tool Suite Version: 4.11.0.RELEASE
I am unable to find Flowable Designer from Eclipse Market Place.
Any pointers will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hey @zikzakjack,

The Flowable Designer in Eclipse has not been worked on for a long time. We recommend using the Web modeler. Is there any reason why you are using it?


Hello @filiphr ,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. :smiley:

Well, As I use STS for my day-to-day development, having this plugin installed is very helpful to quickly open and view the BPMN files present in the codebase.

BTW, the plugin is working properly when I downgraded to sts-4.1.2.RELEASE. Hope this helps someone using Spring Tool Suite. :wink:

Cheers !

– zikzakjack