Travis PR builds for all modules

This is an inspiration from PR #683. Currently the Travis build does not build all modules. I think that @joram told me that the reason for that is that we have a lot of tests and that it doesn’t perform well on travis.

In any case, I can suggest the following, why don’t we perform a full build without tests on all modules, and the normal build with tests on Travis. This way a PR like #683 will not be green, but read due to compilation issues.

What do you think?

+1 Sounds like a good idea.

Edit: I believe there are also some modules that could be safely be added to the travis build including test (e.g. flowable-json-converter).

Second Edit: It also should be possible to make test faster and more stable by extending the use of in the code base.

Compiling and testing more modules by using the check maven profile on travis works on java 8:, but the build seems to hang on java 7:

The java 7 failure was caused by the test RuntimeTest#riskRating from the module flowable-dmn-engine. I can replicate it locally. The test fails on java 7 but works on java 8. If this tests is skipped the check maven profile can be successfully be run on travis (see:

This is great @PascalSchumacher. I am currently travelling and have limited access to Internet. However, I can help you out and try stuff out as well. Thanks for starting it up :grinning:

After adjusting some modules for recent refactorings and fixing some tests I managed to get the distro profile to run on travis (see