Translate to Portuguese


What is the best way to translate Flowable into Portuguese? Are you planning to use crowdin?
I created the pt.json file but it did not work. I had to overwrite the en.json file.


for which Flowable app are you trying to add the Portuguese translation file?
Our webapps use Angular Translate. This needs some configuration to have it pick up / map additional translation files. This configuration is done in the app config.



Hi Ivo,

I initially translate the flowable-idm overwriting the en.json.
How configure in the app? In file? I have create a pt.json file and copy to i18n folder?

The Angular app configuration is done here;

Please checkout Angular Translate for specifics about automatic switching based on the browser locale.

I have already translated the entire interface of flowable into Brazilian Portuguese through .json files.
Although I had to change the $ translate.use (‘en’) code; For $ translate.use (‘pt’); Which does not look good since it does not search the browser language.

But the BPMN editor could not find where the translation is. Where can the translation of the components and properties of BPMN elements be performed?
Thank you.


Did you change the


as well?



Yes. I change $translateProvider.registerAvailableLanguageKeys to:
.registerAvailableLanguageKeys([‘en’,‘pt’], {
‘en_’: ‘en’,
’: ‘en’,
‘pt_’: ‘pt’,
’: ‘pt’

But don’t work. So I changed the $ translate.use (‘pt’).

When you use $translate.use you explicitly tell Angular Translate to use the specified language.
Please look at the Angular Translate documentation how to switch the language based on the browser’s locale.

(constructs like; translateProvider.determinePreferredLanguage)