Help to translate to Spanish?

Hi there, today I started the translation of the modeler-app, I think if some one else start the translation of the others ui apps, we can do this task really faster.

I hope to finish the translation for the 6.1 release.

@yvo I have seen a post where you tell alittle about the translation process, I have a doubt, how can I enable the latin characters like ñ or á

Any help wold be apreciated.

Best regards

I’ll try to implement the ‘automatic switch language based on the browers’ locale’-feature in the next days.
I’ll check the latin characters issue when I’m implementing that.



Hi. In my opinion it is better if user could choose language from settings page or profile page. It is needed for us too.


Would not it be better to get the browser language? Since the user sets the browser language according to their native language and can still be changed to their preference.

Sorry. It is a best practice to select language by user. If you look at many sites they provide a list of languages where people can choose language they want.

@yvo Ok, when I get the app translation json file I will made a pull request, and can you help me to configure the integration of the language?


Just to update, I already have the translations of the idm-app, task-app, modeler-app

Im working on the next translations:


It wold be very nice If some Spanish native speaker could give a watch to the translation.

Soon I will made a PR for upload the translation files.


Hi Sibok,

I’ve created a PR which provides the ‘automatic language switch based on browser’s locale’ feature.
It will be merged into master in the next days.

It’s great to see the community provide and share additional languages. But … we, as the core team, don’t see maintaining other languages than English as our focus. That means other languages (or features like other language switch functionality) will have to be community driven.



Ok I understand, well Im only one guy jeje, but I can do that, I will wait for the changes to be commited on the master and I will work on the Language switch, thanks.

And the purpose of made a spanish translation is to get users that speak spanish, because here in my conutry I havent seen anyone using Flowable and I think Flowable is amazing.

So if I can contributte to spread the word about Flowable I will.

Best regards.

Hi @yvo, I have a little doubt, I hope you can help me.

Update I have new the translation of admin App.

The only left app to translate is the modeler-editor-app, but im a little confused by a lot of i18N folders, and Im looking for the correct file.

Any clue of what file needs to be modified for change the text of the palette of the editor, for example in the shape “Exlusive Gateway” to any other text.



You are probably referring to the BPMN editor which is based on the Oryx editor. The translation files for this are located in editor-app/editor/i18n.



Hi @yvo, I was working on the translation files for the ui apps.

I just updated my fork and after that i send a PR with the files of spanish translation included.

Can you please explain how can I test the Angular translation based on browser locale, changes that you made?

Could you give me any clue of what need to be done for create a button to translate the app?


Best regards.


Sure. This is of course browser dependent, but with Chrome you can test it by selecting your preferred language in the ‘Language and input settings’.

In this case ‘English (United States)’ is the preferred language. In the browser console you’ll see that the app will try to load the ‘en-us.json’ translation file.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found):8888/flowable-modeler/i18n/en-US.json

And then falls back to ‘en’ (and the en.json file).

For implementing a language switch control; did you look at the Angular Translate documentation?