Transactions in Spring Boot

Hey folks!
I wonder how the transactions are managed in Flowable. What is different in terms of transaction handling if a Java Delegate is executed or an EL expression is executed calling a Spring Service with or without @Transactional annotation.

I found no clear statement in the documentation for the transaction handling.

Is there any documentation about the transaction handling with Spring Boot 1.5.x + Flowable 6.4.0?


When Spring then Flowable will use the Spring PlatformTransactionManager to create the transactions when running the comments. In case a transaction already exists, i.e. you are invoking Flowable from a service already annotated with @Transaction then the transaction would be reused.

In your case if a JavaDelegate or an EL expression there is no difference if they are calling a Spring Service with or without @Transactional you are always in a transaction.

If you want to read about transactionality in Flowable I would suggest that you read the following sections from our documentation:


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