Transaction between Spring boot and Flowable

We have spring schedulers as part of which the below flowable bpmn process is updated from acivity C to D.

During this call, we are updating our db tables and flowable updates its own tables for the changes happening in the process. For some reason, our tables inserts/updates are committed whereas the flowable tables updates are not committed. Because of this, when we check the process in flowable UI, it remains in the same activity C instead of moving to D.

In the logs, we could see that the insert/update/delete statements related to flowable db are flushed properly without any errors/exceptions.

We feel that this entire journey especially the db commits to our tables and flowable tables are not in sync / transaction which is causing this discrepency.

Is there a configuration at spring boot level we need to enable to make sure that the flowable changes comes under the spring scheduler transaction rather than having its own.

Also, if we annotate the scheduler with @Transactional and no where else we have the annotation, will it make sure that our tables and flowable tables are updated in same transaction ?