Time Date in ISO-8601 via input form

Dear all,

i am using a intermediate Timer Catching event where the value for “Time Date in ISO-8601” field comes from the User input.

in the form I see an option for date but not for time, so can anyone let me know how to get a verified “Time Date in ISO-8601” as an input in the form.


ISO8601 has a default way of putting time (e.g. Thh:mm:ss.sss), or do you mean the time cannot be set?

Hi Joram,

thanks for the reply
i need this to be entered by the user in the form so if the user enters a wrong format then the model will end with a deadletter job. so I would like to know how to validate the input in form so that I can avoid the wrong formatted input

thanks in advance

If you want the validation to result in a deadletter, this will need to be done in the backend, i.e. with a service or script task that throws an exception and is asynchronous. When it fails, it’ll become a deadletter job after 3 retries.