Throw BpmnError in overriden .trigger(..)-method

Hello flowable-team,

as suggested here, we try to develop an Send-and-Receive-Task by implementing TriggerableActivityBehavior.

Dependent on the received answer, we tried to bind an BoundaryErrorEvent to the Triggerable activity.

While throwing a new BpmnError(“foo”) in the .execute-method works as expected, throwing the error inside the .trigger-part won’t catch the error in the boundary error event.

I found a pretty old thread dealing with the same problem - but I couldn’t find out if this problem was solved or if the workaround is still appropriate.

Are there any news regarding this topic?

Thank you for your efforts!

I have the same problem. Did you find any solution for it ?

Best regards

I don’t believe it works in the trigger() method, that would be a new feature that needs to be added.

I have the same issue here. The Boundary Error Event is ignored when throwing a BpmnError from TriggerableActivityBehavior#trigger(…) :’(

I use version 6.4.2 of flowable. Is there any plan to fix this?