The best way to customize the WSDL importer

Hi all,

I’m using the Flowable engine embedded in my own product (Petals ESB). It is mainly used to deploy business process over a service infrastructure. We use the module flowable-cxf to be able to invoke services available into the ESB.

I’m encountering few limitations with the provided WSDL importer (CxfWSDLImporter), that manages only classic imports base on filesystem or URL. All work fine until working with several version of process definition is needed. I will wish to write my own importer (based on CxfWSDLImporter) to adapt the importer to specificities of my product.

As the importer is not customizable (it is hard-coded into the WebServiceActivityBehavior), I propose to write a contribution to be able to customize it. Where should be set the importer to use ? In ProcessEngineConfigurationImpl as the web-service client factory ?

Thanks for your help
Christophe D.

Contribution done and accepted: