Customizing flowable plugin

I need to customize the xml format of BPMN diagram that we create using flowable plugin.
I am able to create a plugin and install that in my eclipse. but the changes are not reflecting. Please let me know where am i wrong.
I have followed below steps-

  • change in BPNM.constant java class
  • build flowable engine success.
  • Then copy newly created BPMN.convertor jar and BPMN.model jar and and replace it with older BPMN.convertor and BPMN.model jar present in designer.libs module
  • Add modified names of jars in in meta inf and in
    designer.libs module
  • build designer.libs. after build success
  • Add updated designer.libs jar in plugins folder of flowable designer plugin folder
  • compress and make a zip
  • adding this above zip as a plugin and install in eclipse
    -after installing and restarting the eclipse it is not reflecting the changes that i have done.

Please let me know if i have missed anything or any class to update.

I’m not following yet what you’re trying to achieve … are you trying to change the Flowable Eclipse plugin? If so, do take in account that there has been little to no activity on that codebase since a long time. Most people use the web environment.

Hello joram, thanks for the reply. Can you please share some document or link how we can achieve with web environment. Actually my goal is to edit the xml format created by flowable plugin. I thought i would be possible by doing some changes in flowable plugin codebase. If this is not the right way please help me with the other ways i can achieve this.