Tenant Aware Reset Expired Jobs Runnable neglects timer jobs

Dear Flowable Experts,

In our system, TenantAwareResetExpiredJobsRunnable is made use of. Recently, we have observed the following phenomenon. In an unfortunate sequence of events, a transaction which was supposed to execute a timer job wasn’t successful due to a lost connection to the database. As a result, the corresponding job remained locked. Expectation was that the job was supposed to be executed after the lock expiration time came. However, this did not happen and the corresponding database entry remained unchanged.

We have conducted a RCA and come to the conclusion that the reason for the issue might be the fact that Timer Job Entity Manager is not used in the constructor of the TenantAwareResetExpiredJobsRunnable.

Is there any particular reason for this? If not, here would be the PR which fixes the issue.


Thanks for the PR @VasilTsimashchuk. We have merged it. There was no particular reason not to use it. Looking at the history of the file the timer job entity manager was never used.

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