Task Variables / Process Variables

Hi everyone;
mi question is: from the modeler I can create any process variable I want simply creating an id in the Interface ( form).

But what about if I want to create not a process variable BUT a task (activity) variable instead?
Where an how can I create it? How can I save it into a process variable??

Thank you so much for your reply.
PS. As you can see here enclosed, my process has process variables but NO task variables…


the variables you refer to are variables with the (task) local scope.
The variables created by completing a form have (process) global scope (by default).

You can create local scope task variables for example via the REST API.

btw; I notice that you ask (parts) of the same question in multiple forum posts. Please try to contain it. This helps other forum members.



Thank you yvo for your advice and for your suggestions.
Btw; I was searching for a way (if possible) to insert and map local(task) variables in the modeler. Not via REST API , nor in a programmatic way (JAVA API…).

Is there a field to fill in?
Thank you in advance.

from what i can see, you are using a user-task here (since it has a modelled form)

if you would create a local variable for user task, that variable would not be accessible outside of that task, which would defeat the purpose of user-task (get user input and make it available to process/other tasks)

Dear; thank you for replying; anyway, I 'd assume that in a process not alla variables must be implemented as process variables; every activity could have its own task variables. Local scope, only task visibility. Then, one could have the opportunity to reinsert those variables in a process one, to make usage during the subsequent flow. I haven’t find a way yet to initialize task (local) variables in the modeler, nor a way to initialize process variables.
The only way to create them is via an interface (rule inputs) or Form properties tab.( deprecated, as I know).

They can also be set trough methods like setVariableLocal() on the task/execution (and eg be used in service tasks and execution/task listeners.