SVG xml in Flowable 6.2

I have a question regarding the saving of the Flowable modeler. In version 5.22.0 it was handled in the and one value being used was svg_xml like in this code block

InputStream svgStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(values.getFirst("svg_xml").getBytes("utf-8"));
TranscoderInput input = new TranscoderInput(svgStream);

My question is: Is there none svg generated any more or is this handled elsewhere?
Since I tried to test this on my working set but there seems to be no svg_xml generated.
Thanks for the help in advance.


Hi Jan,

In the Flowable Modeler there’s only a thumbnail generated.
All the graphical views in the Flowable Modeler use a Javascript component to generate the process model diagram based on the model JSON. I think the SVG XML is still sent to the server at model save, but it’s not stored in the database currently.

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Hello tijs,
thanks for the information. Since my company customized the REST endpoint and depends on the SVG I manually added it to the save method in the toolbar-default-actions.js with additional croping.
Thanks for clearing the issue.

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