How to access json on javaside of a process designed in the web modeler?

I’m just starting with flowable.
I got the web modeler and the web apps running with my database.
My goal is to store the svg and xml as a file of the processes designed with the web modeler.

If I create a new process with the web modeler I can see in the database table ACT_DE_MODEL the created json Object of the process. I can add the process to an app and publish it. I thought the publish wll deploy it on the repository.
This also creates a record within this database table ACT_DE_MODEL. But I can’t find any entries in the RE-tables.
And I can’t access the ACT_DE_MODEL table with the flowable Java API.

So my questions
How can I access the json of the web modeler on Javaside?
How can I access or create the SVG and the BPMN 2.0 XML of a web modeler process on Javaside?

I found the json Converter. But if I can’t get the json I cannot use the converter.
Am I missing somthing? Or do I have to access the databse table writing an own select?
Or is there an easier way to reach my goal?

thanks for reply