Suspended Process Definition Remains Subscribed to Event

I have a process definition with a element that is registered for some event. The event is declared in an Event Registry deployment and is expected to arrive from an inbound queue on a message broker. After suspending the process definition, I noticed it is still subscribed to that event. Then, when the event arrives from the message broker, the engine throws the following exception and the message is kicked back to an error queue:

Caused by: org.flowable.common.engine.api.FlowableException: Cannot start process instance. Process definition Policy Decision (id = myId:1:99a1b846-12bf-11ee-b67c-1663856039b4) is suspended

My question is whether I am suspending the process definition correctly. Is it sufficient to simply suspend the process definition, or is there something else I need to do to cancel the subscription for future events?

Here are the details on what I’m doing…

Process Definition:

<definitions ... >
  <process id="myId" name="Policy Decision" isExecutable="true">
    <startEvent id="Start" name="Start" isInterrupting="true">
        <flowable:eventType xmlns:flowable=""><![CDATA[someEvent]]></flowable:eventType>
        <flowable:eventOutParameter xmlns:flowable="" source="someEventVar" sourceType="integer" target="someProcessVar"/>

Process Definition Suspension:

PUT /process-api/repository/process-definitions/myId:1:99a1b846-12bf-11ee-b67c-1663856039b4

    "action": "suspend",
    "includeProcessInstances": "true"

Subscription remains active after suspension:


EVENT_TYPE_: 'someEvent'
PROC_DEF_ID_: 'myId:1:99a1b846-12bf-11ee-b67c-1663856039b4'

Perhaps this is a bug? I see it has been reported, but no acknowledgment yet: