Signal Event subscription not added when adding Event Subprocess


I implemented a “cancel all” mechanism by adding an event subprocess.

It works great when I create a new instance of the main process.

However, when I migrate existing processes to this new version, no event subscription is created in the act_ru_event_subscr table - it won’t work!

I think this is highly unexpected behavior - I have to add subscription entries manually now.
Is this a known bug?

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PS: Using Flowable 6.8.0 in the open source SpringBoot setup

EDIT: I just found out there’s a custom migration manager in our software that makes some adjustments.
I think this might just work in general (AbstractDynamicStateManager#processCreatedEventSubProcess is evidence of it), but be broken in my specific case due to someone “tampering” with it:
CustomizedProcessInstanceMigrationManager extends ProcessInstanceMigrationManagerImpl - 1000 lines of code that may or may not be easily understood :cry: . But i’m not sure, any input is welcome - so if you tell me “this should work, I tried that yesterday”, that’s some evidence that would help me.
EDIT2: I tried with the default migration manager (ProcessInstanceMigrationManagerImpl), the issue still occurs.

From what I can now tell, ProcessInstanceMigrationManagerImpl simply does not support this yet.

While I will add some basic support for new event subprocesses to our own CustomizedProcessInstanceMigrationManager, this won’t be production-ready by a long shot.

Still, I can share some of the code once it’s up and running, if there is some demand here.

I posted some complete code here, but it got blocked by some daemon.