Supported form field types?

Hi there,
thanks for the wonderful Flowable!

Can you please clarify one point about the types for form fields which are natively supported?
From the docs I read that fancy stuff as dropdowns are supported, but elsewhere the list is much more restrained:

  • string (org.flowable.engine.impl.form.StringFormType)
  • long (org.flowable.engine.impl.form.LongFormType)
  • double (org.flowable.engine.impl.form.DoubleFormType)
  • enum (org.flowable.engine.impl.form.EnumFormType)
  • date (org.flowable.engine.impl.form.DateFormType)
  • boolean (org.flowable.engine.impl.form.BooleanFormType)

Thanks in advance.

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If you are using form definitions (using flowable modeler), then the list is a bit more extense. If you are using form properties, then the list is as those 6 types as you pointed out.