Starting multiple different sub-processes using Call Activity

Hi everyone.

Since I am m pretty new to flowable I am working on test scenario which contains tree sequential activities as shown below:


First activity is a script which contains a list of sub-processes which needs to start using Call Activity. Last script task is only for logging when whole process finish.

Could someone explain me how to start multiple different parallel sub-processes from list using Call Activity? In other words is it possible to start process1, process2 and process3 in parallel using Call Activity? And how?

I cant find anything on forum/documentation on how to set up Call Activity using only web-based flowable modeler.

Hi vkras,


Thank you. I will go through documentation.

Hi Martin.

I did go through documentation and I cant find part where is described how to start 3 different parallel processes using call activity.

Should I use collection property for starting 3 different processes using call activity and how? I cant find any detailed documentation about how to set properties up for call activity to start 3 different parallel processes.


You need to make the call activity multi instance (this applies to any BPMN activity, by the way). When doing so, you can pass in a collection - for each element in the collection there will be one instance of the call activity.
Note that you need to set the ‘called element’ property of the call activity as an expression ${myVar} which matches the element variable of the multi instance.

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