Star architecture with Kafka

Is there a way to model a star architecture with Kafka?
For example service A receives event from Kafka topic A, then publishes to topic B. Service B listens from topic B, does processing and publishes back to a topic that should be read by service A.
I did the first part with a start event registry event but I cannot implement the second part as multiple start events are not allowed.
Thanks for your help.

That’s possible, but you will need to use another type of event (e.g. the receive event task instead of the start). Sending out events is then done with the send event task.

Have a look here: How-To: Getting Started with Channels and Events · Flowable Enterprise Documentation

(It’s for Flowable enterprise, but the concepts are the same)

Thank you Joram. So I can use multiple send/receive event tasks within one process definition (I mean between a start and an end event) ?

Does it mean those events are available in open source but cannot be defined through the ui modeler? Is that correct?