Send/Receive tasks - using Kafka topics


I am using Flowable 6.6.0

I am using the “Send event service task” and the “Receive task” to send and receive messages in an asynchronous way through a Kafka topic. See screenshot.

I was wondering if this is necessary/useful to have a connection (arrow) between those 2 tasks since the receiveTask has both channel key and event key defined and “knows” from whom to get the message.

Is there a point to do this? Can we omit this link?

Thank you.

In your scenario I think you still the need the link as this tells Flowable your desired processing sequence, even though the workflow would hit a “wait point” waiting for the message. That said, it is possible to structure the message reception and processing differently. For example the message reception and processing could be structured as a boundary event or you could build a message driven workflow with a message start event. You would need to consider the trade offs and benefits of each approach depending on your application needs.

I understand your point.
Thank you very much.