Single server, one tenant, multiple processes in parallel

I have a deployment where I have a single server, with 2 cores, 5GB RAM. Flowable 6.4.1
It runs 1 tenant, and that tenant has many processes deployed.

If I run a given process alone, it takes about 1 minute.
If I run the same process at the same time, let’s say 10 instances, all process finish in about 12 minutes. All the execution seem to follow some kind of sequential with a slot of time for each one of those.

How can I found out more about how to setup to run those process in parallel.

Here I am not talking about parallel gateway. I am talking about different BPMNs running at the same time for the same tenant.

I would appreciate some clarification. I am reading the documentation, I am thinking it is related to DefaultAsyncJobExecutor and JobService. But I am still not sure.

Thank you

Hey @wmdebrito,

We’ll need a bit more information about your setup to be able to help you. e.g. How are you deploying Flowable? Are you using our Spring Boot starters? What are you doing in your processes?

You can look into our Basic Performance Tuning how-to for some more information as well.