Multi engine / shared database



I am investigating Flowable at the moment and was wondering if this scenario is supported:

We want to deploy multiple applications with each application having it’s own engine and processes which are stored in 1 database.

We want each application/engine to have it’s own asynch executor (job scheduler) running.

Could we use the tenant functionality to support this scenario? Can we configure the async task executor in such a way that only jobs of a specific tenant (which is in my case a flowable engine) are selected and jobs of other tenants (which should be picked up by another engine) are ignored?

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That would be interesting for me too. It would be a nice feature for doing canary deployments, e.g. in Kubernetes, so that the Job Executor of the canary instance (Pod) is aware of a specific bpmn deployment - for making sure, that after going live, my changed bpmn is working well together with my changed application code


Hi Arnoud,

The feature is supported (multitenancy deloyments)

Each engine can have its own executor.

Try ExecutorPerTenantAsyncExecutor