Simple arithmetic operations with duration


I could not find any documentation on the kind of expressions are allowed wrt duration and dates, I would like to know if it is possible to achieve the following

Given a service task that outputs a duration X, can we use X as variable for a further activity? If yes could you provide an example ?

  • Timer with a waiting time X + PT5M
  • a further service task taking as input a transformation X + PT1H for instance


  • ${X+PT5M}
  • ${“PT5M”))}
    this did not work

(and if possible the same with dates, date + duration to get a new timepoint)

Thanks for any feedback

Hi Martino,
The open source version of the product does not include expression support for durations, timestamps etc like those which are available in the Enterprise version.

Your best option is to use a script task (or service task) or listener to process the arithmetic operations.