Assign timer timeout from EL expression

How can I assign timer timeout from EL expression or variable value?
Currently “timerdurationdefinition” takes only literal constants. What is the way to set it from
inside workflow programmatically?



As you can see in e.g. org.flowable.engine.impl.bpmn.behavior.IntermediateCatchTimerEventActivityBehavior timer definition is parsed directly from the definition. That’s why no expressions are allowed.
If you want to change it add expression evaluation timer definition parsing to each of XYZ_TimerActivityBehaviors. (and create a pull request)


Is there way to assign it from some kind of listener at workflow runtime on the timer itself?


The easiest way (AFAIK) is to ad expression evaluation to ActivityBehavior and add timer definition parsing.


That would require code change in flowable. Is there a way to achieve same with existing flowable code base?