Setting parent ID

I’m using flowable engine api with java spring boot. I have a process that contains sub processes which have several tasks. the problem is when the tasks are created automatically by the engine, it sets the parent task id with null. Is there like an option when initiating the process to enable setting the parent id for the tasks automatically or how can i pass parent Id to sub processes?

Hey @vkras,

Why would you want to set the parent ID? The parent ID is a Flowable internal concept which we use for different things. It doesn’t have a business value and shouldn’t be manually changed.

If you need something to set then I would suggest looking into the business key, which is meant to be set from the outside manually.


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thanks on your reply. I have managed to deal with this matter.

I needed to set parent ID because flowable kept showing error that there was no link between parent and child processes (main process and called sub-processes). Called sub-processes did not had a parent ID.