Semantics of "Owner" in IdentityLinkType

The identity link types are defined in
public class IdentityLinkType {
/* Flowable native roles */
public static final String ASSIGNEE = “assignee”;
public static final String CANDIDATE = “candidate”;
public static final String OWNER = “owner”;
public static final String STARTER = “starter”;
public static final String PARTICIPANT = “participant”;

User Task documentation describes in detail purpose and differences between assignee, candidate users, and candidate groups:

I was able to find definition of participant here:
Every assignee of a task will be added as participant for the process instance by default

However, I cannot find what is owner, how to set it, and what is the semantics of it.
Owner is shown in flowable-admin and visible in various REST responses, so it seems that it has certain importance that I am missing.
(There is a similar question about owners from 2018 about it, but it was not answered: Task Owner : How can we set an owner to a Task?)

I’ve come across task owners being mentioned in the Javadoc. It seems to be related to task delegation.


Unfortunately I have never used it myself, or seen any other documentation regarding how it works.

Flowable doesn’t do much with the owner, it’s metadata you can use in your own applications. As @pstapleton correctly points out, the exceptions are indeed the delegate/resolve task methods.