Deleting IdentityLinks: PARTICIPANT and CANDIDATE

Hi there. I found some issue with the way that deleting an identity link is handled.
I would like to understand what the logic is how it works:
Here is the implementation that I found in the engine:


public List<IdentityLinkEntity> deleteTaskIdentityLink(String taskId, List<IdentityLinkEntity> currentIdentityLinks, String userId, String groupId, String type) {
    List<IdentityLinkEntity> identityLinks = findIdentityLinkByTaskUserGroupAndType(taskId, userId, groupId, type);

    List<IdentityLinkEntity> removedIdentityLinkEntities = new ArrayList<>();
    List<String> identityLinkIds = new ArrayList<>();
    for (IdentityLinkEntity identityLink : identityLinks) {

    // fix deleteCandidate() in create TaskListener
    if (currentIdentityLinks != null) {
        for (IdentityLinkEntity identityLinkEntityA : currentIdentityLinks) {
            if (IdentityLinkType.CANDIDATE.equals(identityLinkEntityA.getType()) &&
                    !identityLinkIds.contains(identityLinkEntityA.getId())) {

                if ((userId != null && userId.equals(identityLinkEntityA.getUserId()))
                        || (groupId != null && groupId.equals(identityLinkEntityA.getGroupId()))) {


    return removedIdentityLinkEntities;

From what I can see the identity link is deleted as requested and then also the candidate is deleted.

This is strange to me. I have a task with a candidate user1 , then if the user is added as a participant and then removed as a participant, that user is no longer a candidate. This is causing some problems in our application, because we allow any candidate to claim a task, but some other user can add the user1 as a participant then remove them again later. After that, the user1 can no longer claim the task.

What is the reasoning behind this?

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Looking at the code, it looks indeed that the deletion of any identity link with a certain userId/groupId cascades to deleting the candidate identity link.

The comment

// fix deleteCandidate() in create TaskListener

seems to indicate that this is deliberate, so I removed the bit under the comment and ran the test suite. Indeed, fails in that case.

Looking at the test and code, this does look like a bug. Candidate is kinda like meta-information, there should be no reason to remove it anyways. Bugfix has been pushed to master:

Thank you for that :slight_smile: