Scheduling a call activity

Dear all,

I’m new to timer event so it may sounds like a silly question but I actually don’t understand how to use the intermediate Timer Catching Event properly.

I want to schedule a call activity only once at a specific date and time.

So the model looks like above and based on the input in the form there is a gateway which decided to execute the call activity immediately or to schedule at a time.

In the form I have a text box and I use its value in the “Time Date in ISO-8601” field of the intermediate Timer Catching event .

When I execute the model it running on the intermediate Timer Catching event forever but I can see that the due date on the timer job is correctly updated but it is not executed even though the time is crossed

I tried to change it to boundary timer event like below but the model completed immediately even though there was a time date with a value in the future date time

Kindly suggest me how to run the call activity on a user-defined date and time.


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the first method worked, i had issues with timezone which created the problem.