Schedule timer based on a task's due date

Is there a way to schedule a timer based on a task’s due date? We have a use case in which we would like to send a reminder notification via a service task that is sent a few days before the task is due. If the due date for the task changes we would like for the timer to be updated as well. I can get the desired behavior by making multiple API calls to flowable from our client, however I would prefer that the client is unaware of the required behavior by allowing a person to model the behavior in a definition via BPMN elements and maybe some Flowable extension elements.



@tijs @joram, Do you have any thoughts on a way to support this behavior in the engine? My initial thought was to enhance TaskListeners to trigger another event such as ‘dueDateUpdated’. Then a TaskListener could be used to reschedule an associated timer. Does that sound reasonable?