Saving form data


I have a simple form, attached to multiple task in multiple processes, containing only a text field.

How can I connect a process variable to it and make sure that the value I write in text field gets updated?


All form fields map to a process instance instance variable. If a variable has a value and the field has the same name as the variable, the value will be shown.

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Just one more question about the type of variable.

Im using json structure as a type of variable type and I can access the value for some property from json structure, but how do I map it to other type of “containter” on form, i.e. text fields, number of any other?

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Assuming you have a JSON variable (player) with the following structure:

“id”: 7,
“name”: “John Doe”,
“age”: 22,
“hobbies”: {
“indoor”: [
“outdoor”: [
“BasketballStand-up Comedy”

You can access any individual element using standard JSON dot notation.
So to access the “age” you would use player.age and so forth.

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Thank you on your answer.

One more question regarding that - in ID field I cant put format like you wrote, e.i.

This is a picture of text form field, and its not working. Does that means that I can only user Exoression field on forms to show data?

First off, I apologize as I didnt realize you were using the open source version of Flowable.
You wont be able to directly reference the elements of a JSON node using simple dot notation in a form with OSS version.
You will need to retrieve the JSON variable, parse it and save the fields you want to display as primitives.

E.g. var json = execution.getVariable(‘json’);
var name = JSON.parse(json.textValue()).name;

execution.setVariable(‘name’, name)

You can now reference name in your form.

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Thank you very much on explanation.