How to present a member of json object in a form's field?


I try to configure a simple process with 2 tasks, task 1 is a Http task to get some information and task 2 is a user task that present these information in a form to a assignner.

If the response format of task 1 is String, it is easy, I just need set the field id as the variable name from task 1 in the form. But actually the response format is JSON object and includes many members, each member should be presented in a field of the form. I try to set the field id likes object.member, but I found that a dot is forbidden within a id.

So how can I implemet it?


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You can mark the http task to store the response as JSON. Once you’ve done that, you can use dot notation (it’s allowed for JSON variables)

Hi joram,

Thanks for your reply.

I have marked the response of http task as Json like this:

And then I can see the Json varible in flowable-admin:

I want to use a read-only text field to present the value of meetinginfo.meetingId, so I try to set the ID of text field as meetinginfo.meetingId, but the dot is still forbidden in the ID box:

So how can I present the meetingId in a text field?


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Ok, I understand now. That does look like it’s currently not supported in the form UI right now (not sure what the side-effects of relaxing that id validation is though).