Road Map on Flowable Modeler Editors

What is road Map on Flowable Modeler Editors?
Can we customize exist Flowable BPMN/CMNN Editors?



You can certainly customize the existing editors - there’s extension points for adding new componenets etc.

As to the future, it’s something we’re looking at as to what’s best to focus on. How are you planning on using it? Is it to allow to create BPMN models in a the current style, where yo need to understand BPMN to be able to “draw” it? Or is it to give some higher level flexibility in creating & editing processes at a higher level (e.g. not aimed at BPMN experts)?


Thanks for Reply. We want to enhance or customize the BPM molder like branding and styling.
From Opensource prospective any restriction ?
In this link we saw that flowable editors advanced BPMN,advanced CMNN and advanced DMN restriction is there. Could you explain what are advanced constructs ?

Sure, you can do what you want with the open source code, it’s Apache licensed.

We try and avoid talking about the enterprise version in the community forums, so best you contact us through the .com site.