Resuming Process Instance

I am developing my application over flowable, sometimes it happens my process didn’t get complete at one go and user have to wait for a while and come again to continue the process,
while history of that incomplete process is saved in ACT_RU_VARIABLE,

whenever user comes again and want to continue the process from the point where he left, how can I continue (to say restart ) or assign the same process Instance to the user.

I asked the similar question earlier here

I added the user in my process Instance by this
tasks = taskService.createTaskQuery()

and tried to access incomplete process
List processInstances = runtimeService
but still I am not getting the result.

Hey @sagaraa,

Why create a new forum post for the same topic? Can we continue the discussion in the topic you linked?


I wasn’t getting response on that, issue is solved now.

Creating a new topic will not speed things up