(Resolved!thanks)As below screenshot,the Signal reference is always empty,I don't know where to set it



Additional,assume I’ll use flowable as a service,where to difine the Intermediate Catching Events?

Jinliang Liu

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I have the exact same problem as you, the signal reference is always empty: how to define it without editing code, but only using the modeler? Is it even possible? For both throwing and catching events?

Would be glad to hear how you resolved your issue.

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And by the way, is there also a way to set the scope of these events to “processInstance” (ie, to limit the scope to the process they’re executed within), directly in the modeler/without editing code?

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You have to define signals in process properties first.
So in flowable-modeler web app after you open visual editor you can see “Signal Definitions” in properties at the bottom of the view. You can also see proces properties by clicking on canvas - deselecting everything. By clicking on “Signal Definitions” value, dialog window is opened where signals can be modified, including their scope.

Fantastic, thanks a lot for your super clear and helpful answer!