Expressions in signal event definition?

Can I use expressions when defining signal events to set the signal name dynamically, like in

Hi Timo.

yes, you can.

<process id="throwSignal">

		<startEvent id="start" />

		<sequenceFlow sourceRef="start" targetRef="signalEvent" />

		<intermediateThrowEvent id="signalEvent" name="Alert" >
			<signalEventDefinition activiti:signalExpression="${mySignalName}" />			

		<sequenceFlow sourceRef="signalEvent" targetRef="end" />

		<endEvent id="end" />


the whole example can be found:


Hi Martin.

Thank you very much. Can I achieve the same using the web-based modeler? For signal throw events, it asks for a signal reference. How can I use expressions in signal definitions, ideally with the modeler?

Thank you very much,