Read customers side logo from config file

hi friends,

i am new here, and i have a issue and i need some help.

how can i read static logo (page logo) from config file and install

i mean, each company can add their logo.

I am not sure i am clear or not. as a told, i am new on Flowable and i dont have more information.

thank you

The Flowable Web Applications are Spring Boot Applications.

See: Building your own Flowable Spring Boot Application

Try googling ‘spring boot application logo’

For example: Guide to the Favicon in Spring Boot

hi Robinyo,
thank you for your replay. i dwnload Flowable Engine project ( to Eclipse. how can i run web project on Tomcat. i have to debug main or admin page(flowable) .
how can i follow the steps?
thank you

Try googling ‘spring boot eclipse debug’

For example: