Reactivate a Deleted Process Instance

I have a process instance that was “canceled” using the RuntimeService.deleteProcessInstance() command.

I have the historical process instance data, so I can see the process was terminated. The problem is this instance links to other data in my system and we need to restore the workflow to the point where it was terminated. Ideally, we can accomplish this with a single API command that I can’t find, but when I dug through all the RuntimeService functions none of them seemed to be what I wanted/needed.

If that’s not possible, then I’ll do some shennanigans on my end to create a duplicate of the process and move it to the proper place so that it looks the same. But as I did my research, I became curious about the difference between the delete and the suspend API commands, and I guess a follow-up question is what the overhead for Flowable is to keep a process in suspension indefinitely, if any?